Wu style tuishou

Welcome Taichi friends!

As you may know there are 5 main styles in Tai Chi:

  • Yang
  • Wu
  • Chen
  • Hao
  • Sun

Since the builder of the EWTC organization, Ma Jiangbao passed away on October 12th 2016, without son and heir, the members are striving to hold the line and to further propagate what Ma has learned them since 1986, when he first came to Europe. Ma Jiangbao is the third son of Ma Yueliang and Wu Yinghua, the daughter of Wu Jianquan, creator of Wu style. An interview with Ma Jiangbao can be seen here.

The Chairman of the EWTC organization is Bart Saris who has a lot of articles and publication about Wu style Taichi and pushing hands. A couple of them can be found here.

One of the most educated push hands student of Ma Jiangbao is Udo Kaestner.

The purpose of this web site is to organize seminars with EWTC members and teachers for any who may be interested in learning:


Push hands with Udo Kaestner


forms – long, sable, quick, lance and sword with Bart Saris









If you would like to take a part of a regular seminars, please take a look at the EWTC Events here.

If you prefer to have a seminar in your area, please use our contact form and we will come back to you with a proposal.


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